Wedding tips

So you finally said “yes!” Now what? We have compiled the best wedding tips we could find to get you started and help you ace your wedding planning!

Wedding Tips – Getting Started
Don’t leave your partner behind
As you jump into your planning and decision-making don’t leave your partner in a lurch when you speed off with your ideas. Take an evening or make a date to talk over the general ideas of the wedding, crowd size, color/style, and date. Even if you might have had a detailed plan since you attending your first wedding as a kid, your partner might have their preferences as well. Compromise is key to lasting marriages and it starts before you say your vows.
Start Organized – Stay Organized
Two things—an email and a binder. Organization will keep you sane. Create an email for your wedding specifically to handle RSVPs and vendor communication. It’s insanity to dig through your personal emails and worry about missing important info when you are hoping to keep your wedding planning stress-free.
Then, grab a sturdy binder and print yourself a wedding planning schedule. This baby will help you do things one by one, in a logical order, so you don’t take on too much too fast and end up with everything snowballing around you. Search the online wedding guide world for a sample schedule. Take a few moments to customize the list to your specific style.
Having a schedule will help you avoid hiring any vendors before you’ve confirmed your date; designing your cake before you’ve designed your flowers; as well as overlooking something that needs to be booked ahead of time.
Also, this binder will be great for keeping vendor confirmations, receipts, and other handy items that may come handy in a bind.
Get Inspired
For many, the wedding process is a first-time ordeal. Before going full force into wedding prep, gather inspiration by setting a board on Pinterest or grab a bestie and hit the Bridal magazine rack at the local Barnes & Nobles. You don’t want to end up settling on main ticket items and later regret finding an idea that more completely encompasses your dream wedding. By exploring you’ll be able to fully personalize your wedding by being aware of all the possibilities out there. Pin, snap, cut and stash away for reference!
Check Your Budget
Balancing your budget is key to getting what you really want from your wedding. Begin by assessing the main details, like your wedding gown Event Rentals the invitations, the flowers, the venue and the video/photographer. Make a list assigning each item a number of 1, 2, or 3 according to importance to you—one being the must-haves and three being the areas where you are lenient. Spend your money in your 1st tier and compromise on your 3rd tier. For example, if an exclusive ballroom and a jaw-dropping gown is your thing, you may have to choose in-season flowers arrangements and simpler invites. Getting your rentals from For The Love Of Parties will help you get more bang for the buck and allow you to splurge on your honeymoon instead!