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For all rentals a deposit is needed. These prices do not include set-up or delivery. All linen must be returned the next day before noon.

Anything that isn’t food stain or washable is consired damaged material and you will be charged for it.


*Any damaged or lost item must be paid immediately.


•132” white round table cover/diamond $15.00 

•120″ white round table cover/ diamond $10

•120″ black round table cover/diamond $13

•6ft & 8ft white rectangular table cover/diamond $7.50

•6ft black rectangular table/diamond $8.50

•Standard white chair cover/bow $1.50

•Standar black chair cover/bow $2.00

•Overlay/diamond $4.00

•Skirt 6ft $15.00

•Skirt 8ft $18.00

•Skirt 12 ft $25.00

•Bows $.75

Prices may vary without previous notice.