How to set Charger plate

Decorative charger plates have a long history, because they have been used since the 19th century. In our times, these plates create a remarkable dinner service for full course or special dinners for any kind of Event.

Ideal for formal occasions with multiple course meals, charger plates provide an elegant way to serve entrees. These plates are perfect for formal dining environments where each course is served in its own bowl or plate. Not sure how to use a charger plate? It’s easy! Simply place soup bowls, salad plates, and entree dishes on top to dress up tables at dinner parties, wedding receptions, sweet sixteen, XV añeras, Baptism, First Communion or formal gatherings. Decorative charger plates are the ideal way to add a pop of color to your most sophisticated settings!

Set a charger plate at each place setting to enhance the table’s decor! We carry charger plates available in Gold & Silver 13′ to suit the setting at any restaurant, banquet, food tasting, or catered event.

Special of the month (January), get a Charger plate either Silver or Gold for just $1 each, when you place a order on linen or decorations for over $700 (restrictions apply).



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