Charger Plates

Charger Plates captivates attention of guests and nicely decorates with any linen color tones. Silver & Gold and is amid the most popular products.

Silver Charge 13" $ 1.50 each

Gold Charger 13" $1.50 each



        Silver  & Gold Charger 13″  $1.50 each



Please call us for any questions on our Selection of Dinnerware rentals for our town and surrounding communities with quality event & party rentals.

Dinner Plate                                                                             Dinner plate 11”  $.50 each

Equipment Responsibility for Equipment remains with the renter from the time of delivery or pick-up to the time of return. Please be sure equipment is secure, & prtected from weather when not in use

A charge will be added for items requiring cleaning or drying, customer will be charged for broken, damage & missing items.