10 ways to organize a birthday party & save money






10 ways to organize a birthday party & save money

Your son ‘s birthday or other important family date approaches and would like to take the boat out . However , times are not to squander . Here are 10 ideas to save you money by organizing a party without skimping on the fun.

Make the celebration at home

It held in a hall of commercial parties will save cleaning before and after the event, and food preparation if the place offers a menu. However , consider that you will have to spend much in rent, the food you serve and all additional expenses that pop up when the party is over. If you think it may be too much money for a few hours of fun.

By making the party at home , the garden or backyard , you avoid lugging food packages and forth and do not impose a time limit or a rigid order of activities . If you live in an apartment or community housing , They have a ballroom event, This type of rooms are common in the United States, and usually do not have to pay anything for them . Some resorts even have a pool, so if time is given , you might even organize a party type ” piscinada ” . If you do not live in a resort community room that has probably someone you know him, and he can book your name. If you consider borrowing a community room or home of a family member , do not forget to ensure that all preparations and cleaning run on your own. If the weather permits , you can organize the party in a nearby park. Just place a fence with ribbons and balloons and enjoy a nice picnic. Ask the park if you are interested reservations are required

Think about the guest list Please take a moment to think carefully about the guest list and resist the temptation to add people in the last minute. When you organize a party is normal to feel you have to invite each and every one of your friends , and all you have recently guest. But the more guests you have, the greater the expense. If it is a children’s party , maybe have friends , even very close , do not feel too excited to spend an evening listening to music Cri- Cri , while applaud the clown. So it is best to adjust the list to know who will enjoy the party. For the budget , a good idea is to think how much you can and want to spend per guest and not get out of that range. Keep it simple , serves simple food The food is always key in any celebration ( have you noticed that the holidays always end with guests in the kitchen? ) But that does not mean you have to serve a banquet. A party may be fine if you offer a light lunch or snacks and refreshing drinks.

If you want to serve something hot, considers dishes that yield much and are easy to prepare . A large bowl of lasagna, for example, is easy to prepare and you will get very cheap. Serve with salad, bread and a frothy drink , and your guests will love .

If you want to cook for many people and have friends or relatives who offer to take a dish , accept help . However, if what you love is cooking and want everything to stay out of the kitchen as a chef , it might be good idea to organize a small party for you esmerarte on the menu that consume the guests.

If it is a children’s party , consider buying in a store wholesale . There you can find cake, snacks and juices at good Price.

When children gather are more interested in playing than eating , so the elaborate meal is usually a waste of food and money. Plans household entertainment Sure, you’d love to hire a DJ for your party , but make a CD of your favorite music family can be just as fun and much cheaper. Another option is to charge your iPhone or iPod with children’s tunes. Young children ‘s having great running in circles and playing musical chairs, as much or more fun with these games as if they were watching a magic show with magician fashioned television. Classic games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey never go out of style . A treasure hunt also have entertained a good time. Keep it simple : decorate a shoe box with black paper and there you have your chest . Fill it with play money and chocolate coins , then hide it and give the kids a map. Put on the map instructions according to the age of each kid.

Hire a undiscovered talent You might want to hire a professional to entertain children , but need not cost a fortune . Do you have a friend who can do face painting or balloon figures ? If you do not, put a notice in school , sports center or an art school. . You might meet theater students willing to earn some money with a simple piece of theater or storytelling . Send email invitations The paper invitations are expensive , have to check that the addresses are correct or find that you do not have to mail them and also more beautiful they are, end up in the trash. Better put technology to work for you , send invitations by email or search a free page to send invitations to special designs. Consider what you buy You’re probably throwing parties every year for many years to come , so why not adjust to a budget from now? Instead of buying a whole increasingly disposable tableware paper plates , napkins and cups the theme of the party , buy some tougher with bright colors you can serve several parties.

Bags of candy or something more lasting ?

The bags of sweets  with drawing party theme also tend to be expensive and end up in the trash immediately . In addition , children often take too many sweets and the piñata to give them even more. Instead, you could buy in stores wholesale colorful packages and coloring books and give each child one .

Another idea is to take pictures Polaroid ( or digital if you can quickly print ) children while having fun and making cardboard frames to decorate them. If you really want to give what ever you can find in stores or wholesale import where sweets and souvenirs holiday, usually cheap.

Searching, searching and searching

You can give a great party even if you have little space and little time, and even if your budget is limited. Search in nearby restaurants that you can provide menus discounts if contracts in hours for them are uncrowded . Or hire a friend who likes cooking to do it at home. It will cost much less than professional service and can enjoy the holiday with peace of mind.

Join other family

Divide the cost with another family. If the cousins ​​best friend or your child have close dates birthday why do not a holiday for two? This works especially well for children under 4 years who do not care much if the festival is not just for them. You save a lot by dividing the costs . Just sing twice ” happy birthday ” or ” Happy Best Birthday”